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TO WEED LESS: Plant Annual Flowers
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Homeowners want a garden full of color. They want a landscape they can be proud of, but they don’t want to devote all of their free time to keeping it weed-free and beautiful.

In pursuit of the proverbial “no-maintenance garden,” many people look to perennial flowers, which do not need to be planted every year (but do require dividing regularly), often neglecting an easy solution—one that offers an entire summer’s worth of color and stifles weeds in the process.

It’s True: Seed-grown annual flowers can reduce the time you spend maintaining your garden, while filling it with glorious color!

Filling in the Gaps
A garden takes time to reach its mature and beautiful potential. In the meanwhile there are choices to be made.

1. Do you plant shrubs and perennials too close together, and then go back and trim or remove excess growth later?
2. Do you fill in empty spaces with a thick layer of mulch, leaving your garden looking like a lot of mulch and too few plants? … or …
3. Do you plant colorful annuals in the empty spaces, where they will stifle weeds and add color and interest?

Well, when you put it that way …
Annual flowers are the perfect companion to shrubs and perennials in the home landscape. Once planted, they are colorful, carefree, and they never need dividing. And a border of annual flower will prevent weeds, just as mulch will. But it will do it with beauty and style!

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