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Easiest Plants To Grow from Seed.. and How to Do It

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The Home Garden Seed Association (HGSA) is a member driven organization of companies in the garden seed trade. Our goal is to assist our membership in growing their businesses by promoting gardening from seed as the easy, economical and rewarding way to garden. At our meetings and Annual Conference and Summer Trials, we provide members with extensive variety evaluations, networking, continuing education and roundtable discussions about issues and concerns shared by member companies and affiliates.

This Month's Featured Article:
Add Flavor to your Fall Flowerbeds .. with Seeds!

It’s been 30 some years since the term “edible landscaping” was coined, yet the practice of planting vegetables in ornamental beds remains relatively rare. Late summer is the perfect time for a seasonal overhaul. Remove flowers that have lost their fresh appeal and fill in the garden gaps with edibles, and you will enjoy the rewards into fall and, in some regions, through winter.

Just about any vegetable or herb can be incorporated into a flowerbed. Some, however, are more manageable - not to mention attractive - than others. Here are ten unproblematic candidates for fall eating, with planting tips and ideas for integrating them into the landscape. READ MORE..

Backlit by the autumn sun, ruby chard
outshines many blooming plants.

Looking for a good mixer?
Curled or flat-leaved parsley is a go-anywhere edible plant.

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